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Want to stop under arm sweat from driving you mad? Well, you're in the right place. Excessive sweating can be a real pain, not only does it cause discomfort, but it can cause embarassment and not to mention a little extra B.O.! Not to fear, there are ways to fix this problem which plagues over 8 million people worldwide, I'm going to give you 3 tactics you can implement right away.

stop excessive sweating

1. Coffee!

The first tactic to stop under arm sweat is to stop drinking coffee. I know you drink coffee, it is the nation's favorite past-time to frequent coffee shops, also we use it to keep us alert and awake when we only got 5-6 hours of sleep! But the truth of the matter is, if you sweat a lot, drinking coffee is only going to worsen the problem. Why? Because coffee is a stimulant, it contains caffeine and sugar, both of which make you extra hyper and can give you anxiety if taken in excess. This causes you in turn to sweat more. Cut out the coffee, or at last cut down on it.

2. Stack solutions!

The second tactic you can implement right now is to stack your treatment options. when I say stack, I mean don't just rely on one method to stop under arm sweat, try several all at once. So you could use an anti-perspirant, cut down on your coffee intake, cut down on your sugar intake etc. Just keep stacking multiple solutions and if you stack enough, you'll start seeing results you otherwise wouldn't have if you only implemented one or two treatments.

3. Atlantis!

This is a last resort, but if the sweating gets too out of control, just move to Atlantis. Everyone there is underwater and they'll have no idea you're even sweating! Plus there are a lot of hot mermaids down there and merMEN!(if you're into that).

Ok no, seriously:

4. Drink Sage!

Not many people know of this solution, but it is extremely effective. Simply get a tablespoon of sage leaves and let them steep in water that has been boiled for 10 minutes. Once done, pour it out and drink it, but do not oversteep. Oversteeping can result in toxins being released from the Sage, there is a delicate balance here. This has been shown to reduce sweating in some by as much as 30%!

If you however have a particularly bad case of sweating or are not too keen on the above options, there is a natural yet powerful way of tackling the problem. Click this link to find out how.

stop excessive underarm sweating

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